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In Georgia, as in other states, a person or entity who owns or otherwise controls property is responsible for maintaining the property in a safe condition for visitors (or must warn visitors of dangerous conditions of the property so that they can be avoided). Generally speaking, visitors to a given property — whether customers of a business or social guests attending a party — come to expect that the property will not be unreasonably dangerous and full of hazards, and certainly, if there are hazards, then most visitors expect (at minimum) a warning. If the person or entity who controls the property fails to keep the premises safe, then they may be held liable for injuries you suffer as a direct result.

Premises liability claims are rarely straightforward. The defendant(s) in many cases will disclaim liability, attempt to shift responsibility to other parties, and will assert that you are equally if not more at fault for your injuries. To better navigate the complexities of a premises liability claim, make sure to consult with a skilled attorney who has years of experience successfully resolving premises liability claims for their clients. Call the Law Office of Edward T. McAfee at 404-761-5195 to setup a free consultation.

Types of Premises Liability Negligence

Premises liability claims encompass a wide variety negligent behaviors by the owner or possessor of a property. These negligent behaviors include, but are not limited, to:

  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Failure to fix slipping/tripping hazards
  • Negligent security
  • Inherent, natural dangers
  • Failure to warn of hazards
  • Inadequate inspection
  • Poor lighting
  • Balcony, porch, deck, railing, or ceiling in such poor condition that they collapse
  • Lack of safety devices (i.e., smoke alarms)

Ultimately, if a property owner (or the person/entity that otherwise controls the property) is put on notice that there is a potential hazard, and they fail to correct it or warn you about it, they could potentially be held liable for your injuries.

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If you have have been injured due to some dangerous condition of another person’s property — whatever the dangerous condition actually is — then Georgia law may entitle you to damages. Premises liability claims can be quite varied, however. Slip and fall accidents, the defendant’s failure to warn visitors of dangerous conditions, and hidden dangers may all lead to unique issues and arguments in a premises liability lawsuit. As such, it’s important to work with a premises liability attorney who has experience navigating the many branches of premises liability law.

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